Glasgow Computer Support

Network Security

Your IT framework is essential an integral part of running your business, so it’s key that this runs effectively in order to best support you across all aspects of your business. Here at Tailored IT we offer a comprehensive network security service and will advise you the most cost effective and efficient ways to improve to your company’s infrastructure.


Cyber Threat Management

We can eliminate any new threats by implementing a more cyber-intelligent tactical approach to defending against attacks and avoiding any losses associated with disruption, damage or destruction of your key assets.

Information Security

At Tailored IT we walk you through each stage of risk management process and ensure you know what are the right choices for your business are, how these are implemented them and how they run effectively.

Server Security Assessment

Our process is designed to look for any potential vulnerabilities in your current setup that could be exploited, then suggest the best fix options.

Managed Network Service

Our Managed Network Service delivers continued support and management for your devices from a locally based team. Valuable peace of mind that your network will remain well maintained and available. This service can be delivered by means of a bi-annual onsite visit, or we also offer a weekend remote option which removes any disruption.

Vulnerability Management

All Internet-connected devices are potentially at risk. Companies already using preventative measures such as firewalls, VPNs, are now turning to vulnerability assessment to ensure all-round security for their systems. Our vulnerability management service aims to identify vulnerabilities in your current security system and then implement adequate security measures.