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Cloud Service

Tailored IT’s cloud computing solutions offer our clients a range of benefits. The main benefit being cost efficiency, alongside reliability, security and mobility that our cloud solutions offer make total business sense.

Cloud Hosted Email

We provide a variety of eMail hosting from simple pop boxes to a full Microsoft Exchange setup. The different products offer a range of available services, i.e calendar, contact sharing and cross platform synchronising. We will determine the needs of any business and recommend the best product. All mailboxes, like all other cloud services are billed on monthly basis and easily changed to suit.

Cloud Hosted Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is probably the fastest growing sector of the current IT environment. With scammers getting far more advanced we need to make sure we are at least one step ahead of potential attacks. To achieve this, we have partnered up with leading cybersecurity firm Bitdefender. The product is cloud based and administered via a cloud portal. Client machines can be scanned, updated and have potential threats removed without the need for an onsite visit.

Cloud Hosted Backup

Tailored IT's automatic cloud hosted backup service delivers security and peace of mind. It provides business with the ability to retrieve valuable data in the event of a network crash, cyberattack or simply human error. The service is offered with various pricing options which best suit your specific business needs. In conjunction with the cloud hosted backup service we offer a scheduled data test restore which is carried out remotely and monthly.

Office 365

Tailored IT offer Office 365 as it is the latest software tool by Microsoft and highly efficient to serve our clients needs. Offering great flexibility, customisation as well as easy access. You can acquire and start using Office 365 today for a monthly or annual subscription. Our team has the knowledge that will allow your team to get the most of your Office 365 subscription.

Cloud Migraton

Thinking of making the switch to Cloud? Tailored IT can manage all aspects of the switch and provide the proper cloud products based on your business needs. Most cloud services are configured and applied offsite, hence very little, if any downtime or disruption to users.